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Laboratory Powder Coating Oven

Laboratory Powder Coating Oven

Laboratory Powder Coating Oven
Laboratory Powder Coating OvenLaboratory Powder Coating OvenLaboratory Powder Coating OvenLaboratory Powder Coating Oven
CategoriesElectric Powder Coating Oven
BrandCOLO powder coating machine
Delivery Time7-15 Working Days
ShippingBy Sea
ApplicationMetal Finishing Industry
Update TimeJul 19,2024
Detail Information
Laboratory Powder Coating Oven

COLO-4355-T laboratory powder coating oven used for curing the workpiece which has been spraying during the powder coating. It suitable for small components and/or occasional curing requirements. There are three layers, use electric to create the energy, through the circulating fan, make the temperature in the oven to rise uniformly, let the workpiece heat evenly. 
Product Details
COLO-4435-T Laboratory Powder Coating Oven Features

1. High-precision micro-computer temperature controller, temperature control accurate and reliable.

2. Warming up fast ( it can rise to 180 degrees in 15 mins.), forced convection, dry hot air directly through the heated objects, drying, sterilization time significantly shortened.

3. Built-in track to roll your powder coating racks into the ovens could be ordered together as you required.

4. Exceeds the limit is automatically interrupted, ensure personnel and safety.

5. Damper adjustment, timing control, shelf mobile box cleaning, always find it convenient to operate.
Product Parameters
Working Dimension (mm)
300width x 450 height x 300 depth
Overall Dimension (mm)
500 width x 710 height x 500 depth
Power supply
Warm-up Time
15-30min (180°C)
Temperature stability
< ± 3-5°C
Temperature max.
Circulation/ Air flow
Vertical ,Variable through holes on the walls
Ventilation performance
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