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why you need modify powder recovery system

why you need modify powder recovery system

Dec 13,2013

 You hope to  running much more effi­ciently  and  achieve your new  goals?

Better booth, higher reclaim.

New system brings fast color change and efficiency

Need to increase or modify the powder recovery system conditions:
1, the old powder booth  is not equipped with a powder recovery system, the amount sprayed on plant pollution raise one hand, on the one hand powder waste. Therefore, the need to increase the powder recovery system.
2, the old spray booth  use of  the poor performance of the recovery system (such as the old bag-type recovery system), after long-term use of performance continued to decline, would not achieve recovery system due role.

3, the production scale, the need toadd new stations to improve coating production capacity.
   We offer a variety of parameters full "pulse cleaning formula powder recovery system" package recycling system of your choice for the main reference room size and shape of the spray, and the size and shape of the spray booth and depending on your target workpiece spraying size.
  We can also be customized for your finished spray booth (fast removable, save transportcosts)

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