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what we can do for your in the powder coating

what we can do for your in the powder coating

Dec 13,2013

1st Step : accordingto your actual needs ( spray target workpiece size ,shape, output

and other parameters) foryou to choose the most suitable electrostatic powder coating system technology program.
  2nd Step : accordingto the selected program statistics and lists that you need to purchase,production equipment and materials, "schedule" and in writing (fax,email) or by telephone on the list of equipment and materials listed in Price, uses a specificationparameter has been explained to you, allowing you to fully understand and thenaccording to their own processing capacity and market situation, the equipmentand materials "List" listed in the material divided into thefollowing three categories were resolved:

1,  purchased or custom.

ensure quality and safety in a timely manner to your shipment.

2, Suitable for local procurement.

 You want to buy in the local section, we provide detailed specifications and reference price for yourreference.

3, you choose to self-constructed.

 Build your own part, we provide tutorial-style technical information, drawings and even CD-ROM .

 We are dedicated to provide youwith high-quality low-cost customized services, transportation in order to saveshipping costs, we give you customized spray booth, curing oven can make quickrelease, quick installation of "assembled."

Attachment: You have technicalinformation that may be required (section)
1, pre-treatment (degreasing, rust, phosphate, etc.) information technology.

2, powder recovery booth of production data, drawings and major accessories.
3, electric heating, coalheating, fuel heating, gas heating curing oven construction materials,

 drawings and main  accessories.
4, electrostatic spraying defect analysis and solutions emerge.

5, electrostatic spray equipment workshop management procedures

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