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ways help to imporve the production efficiency of powder coating system

ways help to imporve the production efficiency of powder coating system

Dec 12,2013

   Spraying by hand to develop in the direction of industrial automation is already greatly improve production efficiency; But productivity improvement is never-ending, so the market is now applied electrostatic spray equipment, how to maximize the efficiency of its use is still Many businesses continue to pursue the goal. We have to look at specific ways.
   1, With good powder recovery system
On the one hand to reduce rebound powder plant pollution, and secondly, the powder may reduce waste. From a long-term perspective, the increase in the powder recovery system is greater than the shelter of interest. The original use of the poor performance of the recovery system, long-term use has not achieve recovery system due role, it is best to be replaced. If you expand the scale of production, the addition of new stations to improve the electrostatic spray coating equipment production capacity, recovery systems should also be followed.
   2, Regular inspection and maintenance
 Backward aging equipment performance or eliminated, for the warranty period has expired , the need to replace the expensive maintenance costs fall , Complex workpieces  can spare a set of high-performance electrostatic spray equipment. Required times, the conditions permit , by spraying high efficiency, high utilization of electrostatic spray coating equipment to reduce the appearance of defects , reduce rework , improve overall efficiency.
   3,curing oven 
 curing oven is also the important aspect of high efficiency elsewhere in the powder coating equipment, and curing keep up, will also affect static efficiency. For example the old powder  curing oven  the size can not meet the changing workpiece, etc., should be improved curing equipment, improve production efficiency
   Improve the efficiency of electrostatic spray equipment, can effectively reduce production costs, will help improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, can be described as any harm, of course, can not blindly pursue efficiency, spray effect is not be ignored.

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