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process of powder coating 

process of powder coating 

Dec 12,2013

Operation of the electrostatic powder spray equipment  is a job of the decorative process, which is under the action of static electricity, so that a uniform adsorption on the surface, forming a powder layer . The effect of powder coating machine  is better than liquid  paint in all respects superior to the effect, so its market application rate is very high. So today we have to learn more about the process of electrostatic powder coating machine.
   1, Pre-treatment;
 purpose: to get rid of surface oil, dirt, rust, and corrosion-resistant surface layer and can generate increased spray coating adhesion "phosphate layer."
   The main process steps: degreasing, rust, phosphating, passivation. After pre-processing the workpiece surface is not only oil, rust, dust, and original silver-white uniform and a layer of coarse gray phosphate coating is not easy to generate on rusty surface gloss, both anti-rust spray layer can increase adhesion.
   2, Electrostatic spray Coating;
Objective: The powder coating uniformly sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece, particularly a workpiece (including volume Location is easy to produce electrostatic shielding) should adopt a high-performance electrostatic spray machine to complete spraying.
   Steps : using electrostatic adsorption principle, uniform surface of the workpieces in the layer of powder spray coating; powder falling through the recovery system recovery can be reused after sieving.
   3, High temperature curing;
Objective: The surface of the powder coating is heated to a predetermined temperature and holding time corresponding to that of the melt, leveling, curing, we obtain the desired surface effects.
   Steps : coating a good piece pushed into the curing oven heated to a predetermined temperature (generally 185 degrees), and incubated for the appropriate time (15 minutes); open furnace cooling that is taken to be finished.
   4, Decorative treatment;
 purpose: to make the workpiece through electrostatic spraying after reaching a certain kind of special effects such as the appearance: Kinds of wood, patterns, credit and so on.
   Process steps: varnish; transfer, and other processes.

  Powder coating machine is just one step to beautify the workpiece, the workpiece needs landscaping how perfect the operation of each step of the process, we hope that these steps could provide some help to you

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