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how to choose powder coating oven 

how to choose powder coating oven 

Dec 12,2013

How to choose powder coat oven?



   Oven is the electrostatic spray equipment essential equipment , so it will directly affect how the characteristics of the coating quality of the object. Thus the user in the purchase of electrostatic spray equipment should pay attention to it when buy the powder coating oven , the oven should have a very understanding. So today we'll look at how to buy with high quality powder coat oven.

   1, Sealing effect of the walls : a high temperature oven must be sealed at the seams andshould not accumulate dust paint .
   2, Filtering effect : It depends on the oven cotton top model , you can use a hightemperature when the barn in the upper room with the sun light exposure ,usually very fine dust per square meter should be less than five .
   3, Heating rate : it will take about  10to 15min from 20 ℃ high temperature increased 60 ℃ , should also be noted that some high temperature thermometer allowed barn , the baking temperature to themeasured temperature to the room temperature , whichever is the metal body .
   4,To ensure positive : inlet air temperature of the oven should be slightlylarger than the amount of air volume, high-temperature barnkept in a state of positive pressure.
    5, Temperature: high temperature oven heated to a set temperature, high temperatureoven heat to maintain a constant temperature of air saturation, to a certainextent, the heat inside the paint transported back by the return air duct fan recycling.

    I hope the above explanation electrostatic spray equipment you are ableto have a basic understanding of the oven, sochoose the right products in future purchases

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