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change liquid to powder line,how much of your existing equipment can you use?

change liquid to powder line,how much of your existing equipment can you use?

Dec 13,2013

If your old paint is automatic line want tochange into  electrostatic powder coatingline  , just add few equipments :
1 , duplex powder recoverybooth
( You must referto the old painting line conveyor , track, target workpiece height and  to determine the size of the pendant aroundthe powder recovery booth of size and technical parameters ) .
2 ,
electrostatic powder  spray machine
( Stronglyrecommended the colo-800D multi-functional high-performance powder coating machine, in order to improve efficiency and coating quality, reduce labor intensity ,saving powder coating, to improve the yield ) .
3 ,
an air purifier units

( Also called oil-water separators, high pressure air compressor sent through "post airpurifier " excellent quality , the can filter out most of the water and oil ) .
4 ,
raise the temperature of the old paint drying tunnel

 The liquid paint commonly used the bake temperature about 120 degrees butelectrostaticpowder coating  suitable for high temperature curing of 185 degrees to 190 degrees.
Simply , you are just looking for some old painting online free linear chain , willcustom " duplex powder recovery booth " on the string , the bake temperature to 185 to 190 degrees , you can use powder coating machine to your target workpiece, the value of the old paint line will get maximum use .

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