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Automatic Powder Application Systems for Racks

Automatic Powder Application Systems for Racks

Automatic Powder Application Systems for Racks
CategoriesAutomatic Powder Coating Systems
BrandCOLO powder coating machine
Powder coating equipmentmanual
Voltage:100-240 VAC
powder hopper50L
Terms of PaymentT/T, Western Union, paypal
Update TimeJul 19,2024
Detail Information
Automatic Powder coating systems for Steel Racks
Steel Racks
Steel Racks
Steel Racks
Steel Racks
Automatic powder Gun : CL-191A

Unprecedented precision control of current and voltage ensuring maximum efficiency and uniformity of coating.
Flat Parts maximizes voltage for optimum transfer efficiency.
Complex Parts, modifies voltage while holding current for optimum penetration and transfer efficiency.
Recoat Parts, automatically adjusts voltage and current to the optimum level for recoating previously coated parts. offers mobility and flexibility allowing operators to position the unit for easy access and adjustment.
New powder pump design employs the most effective angle to consistently deliver powder, resulting in optimized air consumption and less powder waste
The automatic Coating Systems Include Reciprocator and Carry Automatic Spray Gun
Automatic Reciprocator COLO-2000

With several electrostatic powder coating gun on the reciprocator Japan Mitsubishi Transducer & PLC controlled Four automatic spray gun rods(qty of the rods can be ordered) 
Colour Orange and Blue
Powe supply:AC 220V  50HZ-60HZ
Frequency:  Japanese  Mitsubishi  
Power motor:0.75KW
Sweep speed:0~60m/min
Acceleration: 1M/Second 

Automatic Spray Gun CL-191A

Electrical Data
Nominal input voltage 110V240VAC
Frequency 50-60Hz
Connected load (without vibrator) 40 VA
Nominal output voltage (to the gun) eff.10 V
Nominal output current (to the gun) max. 1.2 A
Connection for rinsing function (valve) 24 VDC max. 3 W
Temperature range 0°C - +40°C(+32°F - +104°F)
Max. surface temperature 85 °C (+185 °F)
Approvals II 3 D IP54 120 °C

Cabinet of Control Unit can be make for 4, 8 and more.
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