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COLO-06 Coating systems Control Unit

COLO-06 Coating systems Control Unit

COLO-06 Coating systems Control Unit
CategoriesAutomatic Powder Coating Systems
BrandCOLO powder coating machine
MethodPowder coating
Type of sprayCorona
UsingElectrostatic powder
Delivery time3 days
FOB portcolochina@colourspray.com
Terms of PaymentT/T, Western Union, PAYPAL
Update TimeJul 13,2024
Detail Information

Powder coating machine COLO-660 is perfect model for your coating job, you have 4 options for coating , and the pulse model is perfect for corner .

Flat model: maximizes voltage for superior transfer efficiency with coating flats parts

Complex model: adjust the voltage while holding current when coating complicated shapes and corners

Recoat model: adjust the voltage and current automatically for recoating of parts

Pulse model: rapidly recharges the powder to coat complex shapes

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