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Powder coat tunnel oven temperature tracker

Powder coat tunnel oven temperature tracker

Powder coat tunnel oven temperature tracker
Powder coat tunnel oven temperature trackerPowder coat tunnel oven temperature tracker
CategoriesPowder Coating Testing machine
BrandCOLO powder coating machine
Usecuring oven temperature tracker
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Update TimeJul 21,2024
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STM-7 powder coating curing oven temperature tracker Measuring more points, good software ,completely remove the troubles. powder coating curing oven temperature tracker

STM-7 temperature tracker for painting and coatingsMeasuring more points, good software ,completely remove the troubles

The SMT-7 system is the most reliable, easy to use and accurate in-process oven temperature profiling for the coating . 

For those who apply coatings, sell coatings, or need to know what is happening to their product inside a conveyorized or large batch oven, SMT-7 will be the best choice.

STM-7 Let you easy to measure, record and analyze artifacts in the curing oven and air temperature curve, ensure the coating to get fine quality, save time and save energy. The logger for measuring the temperature of the powder coatings and paints in the curing oven or the oven conveyor belt.

Number of Channels

7-channel measuring external temperature, 1 channel measuring  the internal temperature of instrument

Temperature measurement range





128 K





Instrument Size

Φ76 * 200

Temperature and time

continuous use under 200 °C about 120 minutes or continuous use under 300 °C about 60 minutes

Record Time

  7-channel full in 8 seconds record , can record 15 hours of data

Sampling rate

Sampling period:1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, 8s,10s,12s, 20s,40s, 60s

Cooler box size

280(L) x 120(W) x 100 (H)

Set Software

1)   Each channel can select or deselect

2)   When the calibration for each channel individually calibrated to ensure accuracy

3)   Optional sampling period

4)   Easy start / stop

Analysis Software

1)   Each curve optional display or not display;

2)   Heating rate can be calculated at any temperature between the two;

3)   can calculate above the temperature the four residence time;

4)   Peak temperature can be calculated ;

5)   2-5 compare test data;

6)   Report Print

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