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Seven-channel temperature tracker

Seven-channel temperature tracker

Seven-channel temperature tracker
Seven-channel temperature trackerSeven-channel temperature trackerSeven-channel temperature trackerSeven-channel temperature tracker
CategoriesPowder Coating Testing machine
BrandCOLO powder coating machine
Number of ChannelsSeven channels
TimeSMT-7-128-300-K can use the 300 ℃ 1 hours
Memory128 K (87,000 readings)
Terms of PaymentT/T, Western Union, paypal
Update TimeJul 21,2024
Detail Information
SMT-7-128-300-K powder oven temperature tracker.

With small size, light weight and excellent, easy to use, insulation performance characteristics.

Seven channels painting temperature tracker for  compressor painting line

The temperature tracker mainly used such as cars, motorcycles, appliances, aluminum extrusions, furniture, cabinet, elevator, highway guardrail, auto parts, motors, compressors, valves, piping, mechanical, sanitary ware, temperature quality assurance within the kitchen, garden facilities, shelves, lamps, lights, containers, cans, batteries, electronics and other industries a variety of baking ovens and bake coatings, curing process, process optimization and equipment improvements in testing, to improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, operating cost savings to meet the purpose of environmental protection requirements.

Cabinet coating production line

Sampling methods
  1. Continuous (FIFO), 2. Stopped working after filling (after fill stopped working)

Sampling rate
  The sampling period is 0.04s, 0.1s, 0.2s, 1s, 2s, 8s, 12s, 20s, 40s, 60s to 8h

PC requires Microsoft Windows 2000, NT, XP

Standard configuration * seven-channel temperature tracker
* 7 1.75 meters temperature probe
* Computer connection cable
* Data processing software, data analysis software
* Stainless steel incubator, including suspension handle
* Operation Manual

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