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How to Solve the problmes of Disgorge the powder during coating?

How to Solve the problmes of Disgorge the powder during coating?

Update Time:2019/7/9
Electrostatic spray coating technology is a surface treatment technology that has been rapidly developed in recent years. Its characteristics are solvent-free, environmentally friendly, powder can be recycled, easy to automate production, easy to use, and various coating colors can meet different requirements. Weather resistance performance requirements. However, there are often some defects in the electrostatic assembly line that affect the appearance quality and performance of the product. The following is a brief introduction to the common causes of coating defects and control measures.
Possible reasons for disgorge powder during Coating
Genetic analysis: The fluid is poorly fluidized by the agglomeration of the powder, and the powder concentration in the powder feeding tube is not uniform; the fluidized plate is blocked by the powder, and the fluidization effect of the powder feeding device is poor; the powder tube, the powder pump, the venturi tube, the electrostatic needle, Dust or wear is attached to the accessories such as the nozzle and the nozzle, resulting in uneven powder output and powdery phenomenon. The diameter of the powder tube is reduced; the air flow in the powder tube is too low; the short-time high consumption causes the fluctuation of the compressed air; the problem of the powder pump.
Solution: Improve the powder storage environment, seal the powder in time to avoid the moisture of the powder; do the maintenance of the powder supply equipment; timely clean the dust on the spray equipment accessories and replace the wear parts. High-quality powder tubes should be used to maintain the same inner diameter; powdered and concentrated gas should be added; water in the air reservoir or air tank should be installed before the high-consumption point. The powder is easily contaminated by external air suspension. After spraying, the surface of the profile is prone to flocculation or shrinkage.
 After baking, it affects the smoothness of the surface of the profile. Therefore, the spray booth should adopt sealing measures to prevent the intrusion of pollutants. The residual powder in the trachea should be cleaned and cleaned in time. If it is not used for a long time, it will easily agglomerate, and the powder will easily produce powder spit, which will affect the spraying effect.

In the actual powder coating production, each process must be carefully managed, and the coating defects should be treated as appropriate to avoid repeated occurrence of similar coating defects, so as to reduce the production cost and improve the powder coating quality.

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