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How to solve the problem of impurities in electrostatic powder coating

How to solve the problem of impurities in electrostatic powder coating

Update Time:2019/7/9
Gerenlly we find the problems from follows aspect.

1.Curing furnace impurities
The solution is use a damp cloth and vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the inner wall of oven .The focus is on the gap between the hanging chain and the duct. If it is a black large particle impurity, it is necessary to check whether the air supply pipe is damaged or not, and change it if bad.

2.Dusting Room Impurities
Mainly are the dust, clothing fibers, equipment abrastive particles and dusting system fouling. The solution is to use compressed air to sweep it before painting every day. Thoroughly clean the dusting equipment and the dusting chamber with a damp cloth and vacuum cleaner.

3.Hanging Chain Impurities
Mainly include the corrosion of the acid and alkali vapours before the treatment of hanging Chain and water tray of the first spreader.(The material is the hot galvanized sheet). Clean up these facilities.

4.Powder Impurities
The main problems are excessive powder additives, uneven dispersion of pigments. And powder spots caused by powder extrusion. Improve the quality of the powder and improve the powder storage and transportation methods. 

5.Before processing impurities
Mainly caused by large particle of phosphorus slag impurities and yellow rust caused by the film of small impurites. Clean up the slag in phosphating bath and spray pipe and control the concentration.

6.Water Quality Impurites
Caused by excessive sand content and salt content in the water used for the pretratement. The solution is to increase the water filter and use pure water as the last two levels of cleaning water.

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