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Wet Sandblasting Machine, Wet Sand Blasting Cabinet

Wet Sandblasting Machine, Wet Sand Blasting Cabinet
Wet Sandblasting Machine, Wet Sand Blasting Cabinet
CategoriesSandBlasting Machine
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BrandCOLO powder coating machine
Voltage:110V/ 220V /380V
Working size900*900*800mm
Update Time2020-05-25
Detail Information
150 Litre Portable Sandblaster, Pressure Pot Abrasive Blaster
Portable sandblaster is ideal for finishing large on-site or over-sized projects like steel pipe, mold, fitness amusement
equipment, ships, bridges, machinery, pipelines, water conservancy projects, port construction, etc.
The pressure sandblaster pot contains high volume of abrasives and delivers high evelocity for greater impact intensity,
effectively blasting heavy jobs with continuous abrasive flow.
Portable Sandblaster Advantages
1 Customized industrial portable sandblasters are available in a variety of sizes, 150L,200L,300L,600L,1000L.
2. Heavy or large workpieces can be easily reached and cleaned by pressre sandblaster without movement.
3.The portable blaster is made of 6mm cold-rolled steel plate with surface coated, long lifespan and durable.
4.Highly efficient clearline moisture separator to prevent the entry of moisture and oil from the compressor into the blast pot.
5.All sandblasters are CE approved and supplied with full international test certification.
6. Equipped with 5m blasting hose, a pc of blasting gun with 8mm large boron carbide nozzles.

Pot wall thickness
Pot Sandblaster Size
Tank Volume
Blast Gun No.
Nozzle Diameter 
Working Time  
Compressed air 
Air consumption of each gun 
Abrasive particle size 
G25-G40 (dia 0.2-1.2mm)
Sand Amount 
500-600kgs each time

Pressure Sandblasting Pot Spare Parts
The complete pressure sandblasting pot comes with : 5mm thinkness steel body, 5meter sandblasting hose, sandblasting
gun with nozzle (8mm, 10mm, 12mm for choose), pressure regulators, sandblasting helmet and suit, air filter.

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