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Lab test powder coating gun

Lab test powder coating gun

Lab test powder coating gun
CategoriesLab Powder Coating gun
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BrandCOLO powder coating machine
ModelCL-191S TH
Spray methodElectrostatic Powder coating
Type of gunCorona
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Update Time2019-09-22
Detail Information

Powder coating machine COLO-191S TH TEST is easy use for powder coating manufacturer or testing powder .

Operations very convenient, and have function of one key to control and choose the models.

*Blind angle model
*Respray model
*Plate model

This model apply the more easy spray method
Combine digital and electric analogue
Perfect result of coating, best control system
Based on COLO tecnology , realize the high performance and efficiency
Updated the actually powder coating machines
Form a uniform thickness and higher quality
Amazing adhesion , reduce the powder using

Weight of Gun :460g(16.2oz.)
Length of Gun: 340mm(1.1ft.)
Power Source: AC220V/110V
Power Consumption:30W
Voltage Output:100kV
Max. Current Output:180㎂
Polarity: Negative
Max. Injection Capacity: 650g(22.9oz.)/Min
Air Consumption: MAX. 13N㎥/h
Temperature Rage in use-10~50℃(-14~22℉)

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