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Teflon Charge ModuleService Kit 631207

Teflon Charge ModuleService Kit 631207

Teflon Charge ModuleService Kit 631207
CategoriesN Replacement parts
BrandCOLO powder coating machine
ModelCN 631207
Delivery time3 days
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeJul 13,2024
Detail Information

Nordson spray gun replacement cascada

COLO supply high quality 100% interchangeable

CN174215Glass-filled teflon

CN109101Teflon- Low Flow

CN249504Teflon- Standard Flow

CN114221Tivar-Standard Flow

CN225549Throat, 0.188 in. ID, Teflon

CN225547Throat, 0.188 in. ID, Tivar

CN225548Throat, 0.213 in. ID, Teflon

CN225546Throat, 0.213 in. ID, Tivar

CN631408Venturi throat, Tivar

CN635001Venturi throat, Teflon

CN635008Housing diffuser

CN631234Distributor, inlet, Teflon

CN631232Inlet wear sleeve, Teflon

CN631222Spring, silicone

CN631220Spacing ring

CN631210Positioning ring

CN631236Outlet distributor, Teflon

CN631221sleeve ,wear ,outlet,teflon

CN631207Teflon Charge Module Service Kit

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