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Automatic Powder Coating Finishing Line for Metal Furniture

Automatic Powder Coating Finishing Line for Metal Furniture

Automatic Powder Coating Finishing Line for Metal Furniture
Automatic Powder Coating Finishing Line for Metal FurnitureAutomatic Powder Coating Finishing Line for Metal FurnitureAutomatic Powder Coating Finishing Line for Metal FurnitureAutomatic Powder Coating Finishing Line for Metal Furniture
CategoriesPowder Coating Plant
BrandCOLO powder coating machine
Delivery Time30 Working Days
ShippingBy Sea
ApplicationMetal Finishing Industry
FOB portNingbo/Shanghai
Update TimeJul 21,2024
Detail Information
Automatic Powder Coating Finishing Line for Metal Furniture
The Automatic Powder Coating Equipment System includes:
COLO-800D-A automatic powder coating gun and control cabinet,
COLO-2000D powder coating reicprocator,
COLO-conveyor powder coating booth,
COLO-top track powder curing oven
COLO-6200 powder management center,
suitable for high production of batch metal parts as big shape or heavy workpiece, meets the demands of not big budget and not big working area.
COLO-800D Automatic Powder Coating Gun System
Excellent Features
1. COLO-800D Intelligent controller has one-touch preset buttons suitable for beginners handling different metal shapes, including panel-coating, corner-coating, re-coating.
2. The 100kv spray gun powerfully charge powders delivers high transfer efficiency, increase powder utilization.
4. A central control cabinet combines all gun controller for integrated operation, enbales to set parameters only at one host unit to control whole system.
5. The quantity of the control units installed in the cabinet can be customized as your production needs.
Power Range
Gun Weight
Temperature range in use
-10 ℃+50 ℃
Rated output voltage
Input Voltage
Maximum output current
Maximum output voltage
0-100KV (adjustable)
Maximum powder injection
negative (-)
COLO-2000D Powder Spray Reicprocator
Excellent Features
1. COLO Reciprocator is designed for consistent and uniform coating in automatic production line. 
2. Spraying guns' movement is programmed in various speeds & strokes to suit conveyor speed & object height respectively.
3. carries a certain quantity of spray guns for up-and-down motion, delivers excellent uniformity and efficiency of powder coating.
4. The digital control system can be memorized for 80 storable programs, Working parameters are monitored on a user-friendly panel.
5.Driven by frequency motor, solid and maintenance free, allows to carry 2-12pcs spray gun, making smooth movement.

Power Supply
AC 220V/110V 50-60Hz
Motor Power
Speed Range
Max. Loading Capacity
Stroke Length
Standard Size
Reciprocator Weight
COLO-Automatic Conveyor Powder Spray Booth
Excellent Features
1. Booth material is made anti-static engineering plastic, which is non-stick of powders, reduces powder waste and improve efficiency.
2. Mono cyclone achieves recycling efficiency up to 98%, a great saving of powders, a quick cleaning takes around 15 minutes.
3. With the discharge device of "large-diameter cyclone separator + after filter unit" makes the least powder accumulation and the most environmental-friendly emission.
4. There's air clean system continuously transports over sprayed powder from the booth floor, quickly recycling it back to the powder feed container.
COLO-Conveyor booth
Working Dimension (mm)
Width800mm x Depth4000 x Height2000mm
Opening Dimension (mm)
Width1200mm x Depth2580 x Height5000mm
380V/220V. customized as local
Fan Power
5.5kw/set, 2 sets total
Polyester, 12pcs
Filter cleaning system
Filter Hang Tyoe
Rotary Wing
COLO-Top Track Powder Curing Oven
Excellent Features
1. The powder coating oven can be designed for gas, diesel, electric heating as actual conditions, longer length we recommended gas/diesel curing oven, while gas heating is more clean and environmental.
2. High efficiency heating element enables rapidly raise to the required temperature, save your time every day.
3. A powerful circulation fan makes even temperature in inner chamber ensure high quality curing results.
4. Construced with 100mm thickness rock wool board, ensures minium temperature dropping.
5. PLC control system provides an easy and accurate heating process, digitally setting the heating time and temperature.
COLO- Customized curing oven
Working Dimension (mm)
Depth6.5m x Width2.18m x Height2.54m
00mm rock wool board
380V/220V. customized as local
Digial PLC Controller
Heating Source
Warn-up Time
15-30min (180 ℃)
Temperature Max.
COLO-6200 Powder Management Center
Excellent Features
1. Allows directly placing the original powder carton on the funnel, flexible for color changing, no need to clean the powder container.
2. PLC system with touch screen integrates all functions, automatic cleaning of spray guns, powder hoses, injectors during color change, reduce manpower and increase efficiency.
3. Ultrasonic sieving of fresh powders and recovery powders, dissolving and loosening of powder accumulations for even powder flow.
4. A closed powder hopper with a sener will detect the powder position and alarm a signal when a lack of powder.
Total Power
110V/220V, 1Phase (can be customized)
Powder Hopper Size
Heating Source
Standard Mesh Size
80 mesh (on request)
Ultrasonic frequency
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