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Powder Injector Pump (P1-F1) W22 0241229

Powder Injector Pump (P1-F1) W22 0241229

Powder Injector Pump (P1-F1) W22  0241229
Powder Injector Pump (P1-F1) W22  0241229Powder Injector Pump (P1-F1) W22  0241229Powder Injector Pump (P1-F1) W22  0241229
CategoriesW Powder spray gun Parts
BrandCOLO powder coating machine
ModelPowder Injector Pump (P1-F1)
ModelPump P1-F1
Useelectrostatic powder pump
Delivery time3 days
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T
Update TimeJul 13,2024
Detail Information

390915 Electrode Holder F ET
390916 electrode holder C4 R. ET
390917 Electrode holder C4 R with nozzles
390324 Fan spray nozzle F1
241621 Powder injector
0241225 venturi for C4 gun

GM02,GM03 replacement parts

Sure Coat,Vantage,Versa-Spray,Encore replacement parts

100% interchange with original electrostatic powder coating equipment

COLO Powder Coating Systems is a top supplier of powder coating systems and powder coating equipment including manual powder coating equipment, automatic equipment, spray booths, ovens and spare parts for GM02,GM03, CG07, PG1, EASYSELECT, select, K201/K801,C1/C2/PEM-C3/PEA-C3/PEM-C4/PEA-C4, Sure Coat,Vantage,Versa-Spray,Encore famous brand in China.

W22   0241229   Low air collector nozzle
W23   0241225   Clearance Collector Nozzle PI    VENTURI NOZZLE S / CAPA COND.BOMBA PO PI-P1
C4 Clearance Collector Nozzle
W24   0241430   Injector Nozzle

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