Feedback of COLO-800 from customer

Feedback of COLO-800 from customer
Issue Time:2015-02-11

There is customer who worked with our powder coating equipment colo 800 and he said it is very good and want to sell it again although it was used.

Recently we find somebody in Ebay resell his used powder coating machine COLO 800, becuase he feel it works so well , want to sell it . Here is his estimate. 

"Powder Coat system is used but in very good condition. Has adjustable voltage from 0 to 100kv. Has 3 presets also for flat panels, corners, and recoat. Can also set kv and ua manually. Comes with 1.5lb fluidizing hopper. Comes with flat nozzle, short conical nozzle, 6" conical nozzle. Unit works very good for all shapes you need to powder coat. Needs nothing and works great. I made the cart for it so if you want it with the gun I can take it apart and ship it as long as cost isn't to much. Also made a cup attachment for it also for quick color changes." (also you can check this link original http://www.ebay.com/itm/Colo-800-TB-100-kv-Powder-Coat-Gun-System-/191476226448 )

Some words like this is very important for us, we will be more definite with our machines.