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Application range of Sandblasting

Application range of Sandblasting

Update Time:2019/1/20
Application range of Sandblasting

1, Sandblasting before the coating and bonding of workpiece can remove all the rust and other dirt on the surface of the workpiece, and to establish a very important basic pattern (that is usually called the rough surface), further more via change the abrasives with different particle sizes. for example, the abrasive of fly-swept abrasives to reache different degrees of roughness, which greatly improves the binding force between workpieces and coatings and plating materials. Then make the adhesive bond more firm and better quality.

2,  Cleaning and polishing sandblasting can clean the casting surface, heat treatment after the workpiece castings and forgings, all of the dirt (such as oxide skin, oil and other residues), and the workpiece surface polishing to improve the workpiece finish, Can make the workpiece exposed uniform metal color, so that the appearance of the workpiece is more beautiful,goodlooking.

3, Cleaning and surface beautification the machined parts burr
Sandblasting can clean the tiny burrs on the surface of the workpiece and make the surface more smoother, eliminating the danger of burrs and improving the grade of the workpiece. And can make a small round at the interface of the workpiece surface, making it more beautiful and  precise. 

4, Improve the mechanical properties of the parts
After sandblasting mechanical parts, it can produce even and fine uneven surface on the parts, so that the lubricating oil can be stored, thus improving the lubrication conditions, reducing the noise and improving the service life of the machinery.

5, Decorative effect for some special purpose workpieces
Sandblasting can be used to achieve different reflective or matte finishes. Such as stainless steel workpieces, plastic grinding, polishing jade, wooden furniture surface matt, frosted glass surface patterns, as well as the fabric surface of the wool processing.

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