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How to powder Coat more safety?

How to powder Coat more safety?

Update Time:2018/3/13

  1.  At present, the powder coatings sold on the market are mainly two kinds of thermal plastic and thermosetting, of which the use of thermosetting powder coatings is very much. The thermosetting powder coating is a kind of coating which is made of thermosetting resin as the membrane material, and then added the curing agent of cross-linking reaction. After heating, it is insoluble and hard. When using this kind of paint, pay special attention to the details in the process of use, so as not to cause harm to your health.

  2. Generally, there is a special construction workshop when spraying the workpiece to the thermosetting powder coating. If it is not properly operated, it may cause some danger. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in the spraying process of thermosetting powder coatings. If the powder coating appears in the spraying process of leakage, the power should be cut off immediately, and should be cleaned, if accidentally inhaled powder or into the eyes, must be timely with large amounts of water for cleaning, if serious need to immediately go to the hospital for treatment。 

  3. Ventilation: the purpose of ventilation is to reduce the concentration of solvent vapor or dust in the construction site, so as to reduce the possibility of burning and explosion and reduce the content of toxic substances, so as to ensure the health of builders. When ventilating, it is necessary to have at least one intake, one out of the tuyere, in order to help air convection and improve the effect of ventilation. The steam of flammable organic solvents is generally heavier than air, and tends to accumulate on the ground or at low level, especially in the lower part of the cabin. The outlet must be placed near the ground. The work of ventilation is in charge of the special person, from the beginning of the painting operation。 

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