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What should be considered when purchase the electrostatic powder coating equipment?

What should be considered when purchase the electrostatic powder coating equipment?

Update Time:2016/5/10

1. The performance of equipment

In terms of electrostatic spray equipment is mainly on the extraction rate, the powder capability, processing capacity of complex parts. This indicator is difficult to make sense of the initial contact with friends. We must be careful to understand, carefully compare (COLO spraying test can refer to the relevant workpiece: several typical hard spray workpiece electrostatic spraying).

The performance of different manufacturers of similar products will always have a large gap (Our COLO-800D is a high performance static current representative spray machines). Spray gun can’t rely on the performance of how to ask the relevant parameters such as electrostatic voltage, charge current, etc. to understand. The user is unable to verify these parameters, which is also tend to be false, and therefore must be judged by obvious special jobs spray test discriminated.

2. The stability of the equipment quality

The working environment of industrial processing equipment is worse than home appliances, and sometimes poor environment. And often work long time continuous non-stop, so the stability of the equipment is very important.

3. Technical service and after-sales service.
Many customers need to have extensive experience in the production of the guidance of technical experts so as to be able to successfully master electrostatic powder spraying(electrostatic spray technology) , and general equipment sales can’t meet this requirement, only probably teach customers to use.

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