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How to choose the suitable cure oven ?

How to choose the suitable cure oven ?

Update Time:2015/7/8

How to choose the suitable powder coating cure oven ?

Choosing the suitable oven for the applications depends on all sorts of variables, including the product size, shape, thickness, material composition, and production throughput, operating cost and type of energy to be used must be considered.

Curing Ovens should be designed to ensure efficient use of production labour and minimum maintenance is required.

Temperature should be exactingly controlled, if possible within 3 degrees of the specified curing temperature, temperature indicating heads should be situated as near as possible to the path of the workpiece in the oven.

Convection ovens is most popular method where gas or oil-fired heaters are used to heat air. This is circuilated through an enclosed space where it provides the requiremd temperature. The powder coated pieces are carried in to oven, reach the surrounding temperature and keep this temperature for the set time.In a direct fired oven, the products of burner combustion are carried directly in to the heat holding zone, in an indirectly fired oven the burner products pass through a heat exchanger so that only clean air enters the heat holding zone.

Infrared ovens Generally, infrared heat energy is emitted by a hot body and transferred in straight lines untill it makes contact with another body when the heat is absorbed by the latter causing it to rise in temperature.

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