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What is spray booth composed?

What is spray booth composed?

Update Time:2015/7/1
Electrostatic painting equipment include:spray booth, high voltage static electricity generator,electrotatic spray gun, powder supply center, powder recycle systems .

1. Spray booth room
Powder spray booth is one of the main equipments of the electrostatic powder coating. To maintain a smooth flow of air is a clean room for the operation of the operator to provide a clean working environment. Control the dust content in the spray room, making it less than the explosion limit. Outside, the spray room to be cleaned, so that the powder is not easy to deposit in the interior, in order to change the color of the powder, indoor need to have enough light, so that facilitate the work carried out.

2. Electrostatic spray gun
Type: manual powder spray gun, and automatic powder gun. according to the working principle there are tribo spray gun and corona spray gun. At present in the market , corona spray gun take a great part, because there is a best point of using electrostatic corona gun can coating all of thermosetting powder, and can get very good results. Its advantage performance in good stability, coating rate and velocty of painting.

3. Powder supply systems
Powder supply systems is transfer the powder from the powder container to the spray gun for painting.This systems in composed by air compression engine, oily water separator, air dryer,control valve,compress air channel,powder supplier and powder hose.

4. Powder recycle systemsReclaim powder include two methods, wet-type and dry-type.Here we only say the one is dry-type. That is to say use the air flow make thw powder collection and settle, inertia separate, cyclone separate.

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